Perfect your materials to get noticed

It’s important to perfect your materials when creating an internship cover letter so that it stands out. Those who view the documents will see tons of them, and they often start to sound the same. You need to add something that will brighten them up, get their attention, and give them a reason to take a closer look at the rest of your materials.

Even if the application doesn’t ask for it, you should always send a cover letter with the internship. It might be optional, but you can bet they’ll want to see who took the time to get one done. It shows that you are very interested in the program and that you pay attention to details. It also conveys a message that you are responsible and that you are going one step further.

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Address them

While it is true that you do not know who will read it, avoid the usual pleasantries in your introduction. Instead of saying sir, madam, or who it is, turn to the Best Hiring Committee. This may seem like a minor detail, but they will notice it.

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Keep it short and twice the point. Your cover letter should not be longer than one page. With that in mind, avoid long phrases and be straightforward. Watch it carefully from start to finish to make sure it flows properly.


The very first sentence of your introduction has to pack a punch! What can you share with them that will bring them in? You need them hooked out of curiosity so they can keep reading the rest of the internship cover letter you submitted. If you don’t, they won’t read much of it at all. A light skimming is the most it will get.

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Do your homework and adjust the materials in your introduction to reflect what the company is looking for. As they read through your internship cover letter, they will see important points that parallel what they are looking for. That becomes a huge selling point for who you are and what you can offer them.


Talk to the company as you proceed in the body of your internship cover letter. It should share with them what you have to offer and what you can deliver. Don’t add too much about what you think you will get out of it. You have to touch it, but they will wonder what they will get in return. Make sure they don’t question what you’re offering.

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As you read your draft, pay attention to how often you use the word “I”. If it’s there often, focus on yourself and not what you should be doing. Make sure to write an issue that reflects action steps.


Always close your internship application letter with a thank you note and a call to action. You should make it clear that you appreciate them taking the time to read your information. You should also encourage them to contact you shortly about the next step in the selection process. That is not to be too bold, it is to show leadership and direction.

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For example, tell them that you will be following up in two weeks to learn about the next stage of the process. Show that you are enthusiastic about the position, and you can already see yourself participating in that internship. Communicate that you are qualified, confident and that you really want to be a part of what they have to offer.

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